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China's Hainan Airlines to fly between Shenzhen and Auckland

  • Another Chinese airline is launching a new service to New Zealand.Shanghai to Phnom Penh flights

    Hainan Airlines is the latest to announce a direct service to Auckland, flying from Shenzen.

    The inaugural flight will touch down on January 1 and will operate three times a week using an A330 aircraft.

    Hainan Airlines is the largest privately-owned air transport company and the fourth-largest airline by fleet size in China.The new route between Shenzhen and Auckland is part of the airline's international expansion plans.

    Shenzhen is located in southern China and is a major city in the Guangdong Province, with a population of 18 million people.

    Auckland Airport estimated the new service would add 81,000 seats to the China to Auckland route every year, adding $102 million to New Zealand's tourism industry.

    "This non-stop service will not only grow the number of visitors from southern China, it will also give Chinese travellers further connecting flight options to Auckland from other areas in China through the extensive Hainan Airlines network," Auckland Airport general manager Norris Carter said.

    Auckland will also welcome Tianjin Airlines in December, with flights from the cities of Tianjin and Chongqing three times a week.

    Hong Kong Airlines will launch daily flights between Auckland and Hong Kong in November

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