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NBA 2K19: Best Young Stars to Build a Franchise Around in MyGM

  • NBA 2K19 has enough game modes you could theoretically play it for 24 hours a day instead of properly make your way through them all.Building your player in The Neighborhood is a day task unto itself. Literally. People today earn money from the 2K League now doing just that. The journey from a lowly 60 total to 99 is near-impossible and will at the least cost you a whole lot of money in NBA 2K Coins.

    MyTeam permits you to build a fantasy roster from scratch, gradually working your way upward as you create the roster with enjoying time. Wanna put LeBron James and Giannis Antetokoumpo on the same team? This is probably the simplest way to do it outside of the fantasies floating about in Laker fan brains.

    But most of everyone's time remains spent in MyGM/MyLEAGUE manners. It is understandable. Most of us think we are more intelligent than NBA general managers and can do a better job of building a team. I'm not immune to it, you're not immune to itand GMs make it a little easier on us when they do things like give Luol Deng $72 million.Here's a look at a few young men to build your team around in 2K19.

    Everyone understands these dudes are good. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, and it'll probably be impossible to exchange for them in almost any format. But. . .having them in your group is most likely pretty fun!Big men are supposedly relics. The game is moving small. Soon enough, facilities will soon be 6'6" or something like that.

    Yet the four highest-rated players age 25 or younger in NBA 2K19 are all bigs. Anthony Davis is an MVP favorite this season. Karl-Anthony Towns puts up video game amounts on the end. Joel Embiid could be the best centre in basketball when he stays healthy. Nikola Jokic is the league's best on a per-minute basis. I don't know. They're awesome. Acquire them if possible.

    You probably spent about half of your time on Twitter through the last NBA season debating which player you would most like to build a franchise around. Now is your chance.Personally, I would take Ben Simmons and invest every ounce of my offseason energy functioning him into a practical shooter. The yips and shooting with the wrong hand don't exist in the video game universe.

    Simmons has by far the maximum ceiling of the players here in real life also, but you can basically make a new LeBron using a tiny developmental work in 2K. Jayson Tatum is the other man here who you can shoot as a foundational franchise piece. His counting stats weren't exactly the same as Simmons and Donovan Mitchell, but that has been more a product of opportunity than skill. The superstardom he exhibited from the postseason will be on full display in MT NBA 2K19, and he's the best shooter of this bunch besides Booker.

    Mitchell and Devin Booker would be two players I'd look to build about as second stars--men who will fulfill the early-2000s Kobe function while the version of Shaq stands upward MVPs. I would take Booker over Mitchell from the game since I would prefer my 2s to stretch the floor at an elite level.These are young men who are going to be very good players over the long run but probably not ones I'd build a franchise around. They're good to have as a second banana.

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