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How to Get Optimal Inner Abilities for all Classes in Maplestor

  • I continually see threads and see people asking what the best inner capacity is for X class, so I believed I'd compile all of the facts and know-how I could uncover on the subject in this thread. This is a function in progress, and by no suggests do I claim this to be the final word around the matter or even 100% appropriate. When you have a diverse opinion or know a thing I do not, please correct me with right evidence of the claim and I'll edit the thread. I largely got these from simply looking the subreddit and also other forums, so I most unquestionably expect to hear some corrections. I produced this in order to begin discussion and testing on numerous IAs for all classes, so please take all of those ideas using a grain of salt.

    Night Lord - + 20% Boss Damage.
    Shadower - + 20% Boss Damage.
    Dual Blade - + 20% Boss Damage. Buff Duration is not required when you've got Mechanic character card and great sudden raid usage.
    Bowmaster - + 20% Boss Damage Initial Line, 38% Buff Duration 2nd Line.
    Marksman - +1 Att Speed
    Dark Knight - +1 Att Speed Primary Line, Buff Duration Second Line.
    Paladin - +1 Att Speed.
    Hero - +1 Att Speed First Line, Crit% 2nd Line
    I/L Mage - +1 Att Speed 1st Line, Buff Duration +38% 2nd Line. (50% Buff Duration can also be a viable alternative)
    F/P Mage - +1 Att Speed Very first Line, Buff Duration +38% 2nd Line.
    Bishop - +1 Att Speed 1st Line, 38% Buff Duration 2nd Line.
    Buccaneer - + 20% Boss Harm.
    Corsair - + 20% Boss Harm.

    Cygnus Knights
    Evening Walker - + 20% Boss Damage.
    Wind Archer - 50% Buff Duration for QoL purposes, or +30 Att / 20% Boss depending on gear and preference.
    Dawn Warrior - + 20% Boss Damage.
    Mihile - + 20% Boss Harm, or 50% Buff Duration.
    Blaze Wizard - 50% Buff Duration, or +20% Boss based on gear and preference.
    Thunder Breaker - + 20% Boss Damage First Line, 20% Crit 2nd Line.

    Kaiser - Att Speed + 1 Initially Line, 20% Crit 2nd Line.
    Angelic Buster - Att Speed + 1 1st Line, 20% Crit 2nd Line.

    Demon Slayer - 50% Buff Duration
    Demon Avenger - 20% Likelihood to Ignore CD Very first Line, 20% Crit Opportunity 2nd Line

    Xenon - +1 Att Speed.
    Wild Hunter - + 20% Boss Damage.
    Blaster - + 20% Boss Damage.
    Battle Mage - +1 Att Speed First Line, 21 M.Att 2nd Line.
    Mechanic - +1 Passive Ability level or +1 Attack Speed

    Phantom - +50% Buff Duration
    Mercedes - + 20% Boss Damage.
    Aran - Lot of debate in the threads I identified, some say Buff Duration, other folks 20% Boss, still other people +30 Att. Will wait for feedback.
    Evan - +1 Att Speed or +30 M.Att / 20% Boss based on gear and preference. (Under Testing)
    Luminous - + Att Speed 1st Line, Buff Duration 2nd Line.
    Shade - +1 Att Speed First Line, 20% Crit 2nd Line.

    Hayato - 20% Def or + 20% Boss Damage. (Received a lot of differing opinions right here, would tremendously appreciate testing.)
    Kanna - +30% Crit Likelihood

    Jett - +1 Att Speed (Post 5th Job)
    Cannoneer - +1 Att Speed.
    Zero - +1 Att Speed.
    Kinesis - + 20% Boss Damage 1st Line, 20% Crit 2nd Line. AS+1 (with all other self-speed buffs) only gets Kinesis to Quickest (1) attack speed and that's functionally equal to (two) attack speed for them so +1 AS does absolutely nothing for the long term.
    Beast Tamer - + 20% Boss Harm? I discovered pretty small facts for this class.

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